DEMO REEL, 2006 - 2019


As a Taiwanese digital artist with advanced training in ink painting, my work reflects experiments in illustration, digital filmmaking and stop-motion animation that are heavily influenced by the handmade aesthetics of traditional East Asian art and Taoist philosophy. 

I practice digital art with the sensibility of an illustrator and painter, in that the outcome of my work is always a series of marks of expression developed through a process of seeking originality and playfulness. I overlay various digital textures and drawn elements to create works that reflect the spirit of shadow puppetry. 

Taoism inspires my approach to storytelling, which results in loose plots and a vague sense of time in my fictional, plot-driven works. This philosophy also encourages me to work intuitively in the production of some projects by letting the process inspire their direction rather than a perfectly pre-determined script, with the effect that events become like waves carried on water in these stories.


2-D computer, 3 min, 2019

In The Waves

2D computer + textile, 6 min, 2015

The Tale of the Day

2D computer + cutout animation, 14 min, 2014


2D computer, 10 min, 2013


2D cutout animation, 4 min, 2009


2D cutout animation, 2 min 35 sec, 2008


2D computer animation, 8 min